Bernadette Giardina, owner of Giardina Fine Art, has always had a passion for art.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and continued on to earn a Master’s Degree in Art History. After college, Bernadette worked for various New York City and Albany-based galleries, gaining extensive experience in procuring and placing art in corporate and residential collections.   In 1997 she published a catalogue raisonne on the works of American printmaker, Kerr Eby.  That same year, she formed Giardina Fine Art and has gone on to place thousands of pieces of artwork on thousands of walls including those of medical offices, residential facilities and corporate headquarters. Bernadette’s high standards, attention to detail and strong sense of design have won her praise from her clients and keep Giardina Fine Art in high demand.


We all know that first impressions are important.  When someone enters your office space, what they see around them projects a message about your company.  Color, lighting, space design and artwork all play an important role in relaying that message.  The visitor forms an impression, and if that impression is positive, their confidence and level of comfort will increase.


The interior design of a space should effortlessly transmit the image a firm wishes to communicate.  For example, a health care facility may want to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for their visitors with an interior that is soothing and inviting.  Consequently, a technology firm might design a space that reflects its progressive nature with finishes and art that are bold and innovative.


Clients and visitors are not the only ones affected by their surroundings:  so is staff.  A growing body of evidence points to the conclusion that an employee’s physical surroundings can influence the ways in which they think and behave.  The successful interior design of an office can affect mood, increase an individual’s willingness to help others, reduce their tendencies to engage in various forms of aggression and promote concession making during negotiations.  Employers and space designers now realize that employees who are comfortable and content with their environment will display increased productivity and morale.


Consider that by simply doing something as easy as hanging a picture, you can enhance your corporate image and at the same time help foster teamwork, communication and creativity!  An optimally decorated commercial space will satisfy employee and client alike.  It should be a place where both are made to feel comfortable.